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Giacomo Leopardi

The infinity


(Italian classical literature – lyrics and canti)


(Poetry translated into English)


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“L’infinito” (english: The Infinite) is a poem written by Giacomo Leopardi probably in the autumn of 1819. The poem “L’infinito” (eng: The Infinite) is a product of Giacomo Leopardi‘s yearning to travel beyond his restrictive home town of Recanati and experience more of the world which he had studied. It is widely known within Italy.

The lyric “L’infinito” is composed of fifteen loose hendecasyllables and belongs to the series of writings by Giacomo Leopardi published in 1826 under the title “Idilli”.


At this link you will find the text of Giacomo Leopardi’s poem: “L’infinito” in the original Italian language.

Below is the text of G. Leopardi’s poem: “L’infinito” translated into English.

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Giacomo Leopardi

The infinity – L’infinito

(poetry, text translated into English)





This solitary hill has always been dear to me

And this hedge, which prevents me from seeing most of

The endless horizon.



But when I sit and gaze, I imagine, in my thoughts,

Endless spaces beyond the hedge,

An all encompassing silence and a deeply profound quiet, 



To the point that my heart is quite overwhelmed.

And when I hear the wind rustling through the trees

I compare its voice to the infinite silence



And eternity occurs to me, and all the ages past,

And the present time, and its sound.

Amidst this immensity my thought drowns:



And to flounder in this sea is sweet to me.



The infinity by Giacomo Leopardi (1798 – 1837)

(Italian classical literature, text translated into English)




“The Infinity” by Giacomo Leopardi. A timeless Italian poem translated in English




Manuscript of the poem: “The infinity”

by Giacomo Leopardi (Italian language)

G. Leoparci Manuscript

Manuscript of the poem “The infinity” by Giacomo Leopardi




Giacomo Leopardi

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Giacomo Leopardi

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