Leo Tolstoy


The girl and the mushrooms

(short story)





Two girls were returning from the woods with their baskets full of mushrooms.

They had to cross the railroad tracks.


They thought the train was far away,

climbed the embank-ment and began stepping over the rails.



Suddenly, they heard the sound of the locomotive.

The elder girl darted back, but the younger one ran on across the rails.


The elder girl shouted to her sister,

“Don’t turn back!

But the train was so close and was making so much noise

that the younger girl did not hear her.

She thought her sister wanted her to run back.


She ran back across the rails,

tripped, dropped her basket

and began gathering up the mushrooms.


The train was now very close.

The engineer pulled the whistle as hard as he could.


The elder girl shouted,

“Leave the mushrooms! ”

But the little girl thought she was telling her

to gather up the mushrooms and so kept bending over for them.



The engineer could not stop the train in time.

The train whist- le shrieked,

and the train rolled on over the girl.


The elder girl screamed and sobbed.

All the passengers looked out of the car windows,

while the conductor ran to the far end of the train

to see what had happened to the girl.


When the train had passed the spot,

everyone saw the little girl lying face-down between the rails.

She was lying very still.


Then she raised her head, got up on her knees,

gathered up her mushrooms and ran back to her sister.



Leo Tolstoy – The girl and the mushrooms

(short story)





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