Rainer Maria Rilke

Late Autumn In Venice

(Spätherbst in Venedig)


German poetry

translated into English



Rainer Maria Rilke (4 December 1875 – 29 December 1926) was a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist.

Rainer Maria Rilke is “widely recognized as one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets“.

Rainer Maria Rilke wrote both verse and highly lyrical prose. Several critics have described Rilke’s work as inherently “mystical” (from: wikipedia).

His writings include one novel, several collections of poetry and several volumes of correspondence (An example can be found in yeye book, here, poem: “Letters to a young poet”).

Rainer Maria Rilke tackles themes deeply existential themes that position him as a transitional figure between the traditional and the modernist writers.


Below the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke “Late Autumn In Venice”, full text traslated into English language.

Here you can find the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke “Spätherbst in Venedig” (Late Autumn In Venice) in the original German language.

In the menu above or to the side you can find the text of the poem by Rainer Maria Rilke “Late Autumn In Venice” translated or collected by yeye book in other languages: Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

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Rainer Maria Rilke

Late Autumn In Venice


German poetry

translated into English




The city floats no longer like a bait

To hook the nimble darting summer days.

The glazed and brittle palaces pulsate and radiate

And glitter. Summer’s garden sways,


A heap of marionettes hanging down and dangled,

Leaves tired, torn, turned upside down and strangled:

Until from forest depths, from bony leafless trees

A will wakens: the admiral, lolling long at ease,


Has been commanded, overnight — suddenly –:

In the first dawn, all galleys put to sea!

Waking then in autumn chill, amid the harbor medley,


The fragrance of pitch, pennants aloft, the butt

Of oars, all sails unfurled, the fleet

Awaits the great wind, radiant and deadly.



Rainer Maria Rilke – Late Autumn In Venice

(German poetry translated into English)




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