Paul Verlaine






Your soul is a chosen country

Where charming masques and revellers parade

Playing the lute and dancing; but, somewhat sadly,

Beneath their wondrous costumes, masquerade.



Whilst all are singing in a minor key

Of conquering love and fortunate life,

They appear unaware of the joy that may be

And their song floats into the moonlight,



Into the calm of the moon with its beautiful sadness

Causing the birds in the trees to be dreaming of rapture

Whilst fountain jets sob in ecstatic cascades,

Tall and slender amid the sculpture.



Paul Verlaine – Moonlight





Claude Debussy

Clair de Lune

(Music from Paul Verlaine’s poem)




Paul Verlaine



Paul-Marie Verlaine (30 March 1844 – 8 January 1896) was a French poet associated with the Decadent movement. He is considered one of the greatest representatives of the fin de siècle in international and French poetry. (from Wikipedia).






Libretti for Vaucochard et Fils 1er and Fisch-Ton-Kan (1864)

Poèmes saturniens (1866)

Les Amies (1867)

Clair de Lune” (1869)

Fêtes galantes (1869)

La Bonne Chanson (1870)

Romances sans paroles (1874)

Sagesse (1880)

Les Poètes maudits (1884)

Jadis et naguère (Verlaine) (1884)

Les Mémoires d’un veuf (1886)

Amour (1888)

À Louis II de Bavière (1888)

Parallèlement (1889)

Dédicaces (1890)

Femmes (1890)

Hombres (1891)

Bonheur (1891)

Mes hôpitaux (1891)

Chansons pour elle (1891)

Liturgies intimes (1892)

Mes prisons (1893)

Élégies (1893)

Odes en son honneur (1893)

Dans les limbes (1894)

Épigrammes (1894)

Confessions (1895)

(From Wikipedia)


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