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Michael Serye

New Year’s Eve


(short new year’s eve story)



Italian literature, italian writers

(text translated into English)



Below is the text of Michael Serye’s poem-short story: “New year’s eve” (Capodanno) translated into English.

At this link you will find the text of Michael Serye’s poem-short story: “CapoDanno” (New year’s eve) in the original Italian language.

In the menu above or to the side you can find the short story by Michael Serye: “New year’s eve” (Capodanno) translated into other languages: French, German, Spanish, Chinese etc.

Enjoy the reading and… happy New Year!




Michael Serye

New Year’s Eve



(short story, text translated into English)




The table set for the party,

the scattered candles, the right half-light,

background music.


The perfect atmosphere, quiet and warm.


The best bottle on the table,

the dumplings with the four cheeses,

smiling for my inability

for not knowing how to do better.


All perfect, quiet and calm,

so much to perceive the energy of the world increase,

united waiting with the bottle in hand,

the wine glasses ready.


To Feel clearly the grow of the world energy

increase into the counting,

and then discharged into the fireworks,

as to leave it in the past year.


To Breathe the relaxed emptiness of the air,

which follows, at happened birth.



Everything is quiet and still, now.


The table, the scattered candles, the dim light.

A new year has begun,

the cold known has return.


I finish to drink the wine glass,

I turn off the candles, I go to bed.

Happy New Year, my love,

wherever you are.



Michael Serye – New Year’s Eve

Short New year’s eve story

(Italian literature, text translated into English)




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