Fernando Pessoa

Don’t know how many souls I have

(poem translated into English)




I don’t know how many souls I have.

I’ve changed at every moment.

I always feel like a stranger.

I’ve never seen or found myself.



From being so much, I have only soul.

A man who has soul has no calm.

A man who sees is just what he sees.

A man who feels is not who he is.



Attentive to what I am and see,

I become them and stop being myself.

Each of my dreams and each desire

Belongs to whoever had it, not me.



I am my own landscape,

I watch my own journey –

Different, mobile and alone.

Here, where I am, I can’t feel myself.


That’s why I read, as a stranger,

My being as if it were pages.

Not knowing what will come

And forgetting what has passed.


I note in the margin of my reading

What I thought I felt.

Rereading, I wonder: “Was that me?”

God knows, because he wrote it.



Fernando Pessoa – Don’t know how many souls I have

(poem translated into English)




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Fernando Pessoa

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Fernando Pessoa



Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa (Portuguese: [fɨɾˈnɐ̃du pɨˈsoɐ]; 13 June 1888 – 30 November 1935), commonly known as Fernando Pessoa, was a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and philosopher, described as one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese language.

Fernando Pessoa was a prolific writer, and not only under his own name, for he dreamed up approximately seventy-five others. He did not call them pseudonyms because he felt that did not capture their true independent intellectual life and instead called them heteronyms.

According to Fernando Pessoa himself, there were three main heteronyms: Alberto Caeiro, Álvaro de Campos and Ricardo Reis. The heteronyms possess distinct biographies, temperaments, philosophies, appearances, writing styles and even signatures. (from: wikipedia).






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